Chemical Resistant Apron

Chemical Resistant Apron

  • LIQUID & OIL PROTECTION: This fabric repels water, oil, and other liquids so you can stay dry and comfortable. The thick vinyl is perfect for cold, refrigerated environments like walk-in fridges & freezers
  • MULTIPURPOSE APRON: These versatile protective aprons can be used in butcheries, meat packing plants, oil refineries, factories, restaurant and caterer kitchens, manufacturing plants, or even at home
  • EASY TO CLEAN: After use, simply wipe down with a soapy washcloth and then rinse with a damp one. No need to throw it in the washing machine! Tough, durable and reusable, it is sure to be long lasting
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: At 39″, or just over 3 feet in length, and 26″ in width, this apron fits small and big builds and everything in between. Generously sized 30″ tie straps allow for a customized adjustable fit
  • SAFETY AND COMFORT: Designed with comfortable straps at the back, this apron not only keeps you safe it is comfy to wear as well. Add this commercial grade apron to your workplace protective gear
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Noxie Limited Safety delivers a multi-purpose apron that protects you and your clothes like no other. Made of heavy duty Hycar, our aprons repel water and other liquids to protect your clothes and keep you dry and clean. Fabric aprons, in contrast, often allow liquids to seep through, leaving you sopping wet with stained clothes! Our strong vinyl, in addition, is rip-resistant, so it is sure to last you through thick and thin more than just any ordinary apron.

Another advantage of these Heavy Duty Waterproof Aprons is that they are easier to clean. Simply wipe the vinyl surface with a soapy washcloth or sponge, and then rinse with a damp sponge. Stains come out of these aprons more quickly and easily than from traditional varieties, without even having to throw these in the wash.


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